Monday, June 24, 2013

1997-2000 Honda Civic Type-R - Not Approved For Show or Display

1997-2000 Honda Civic Type-R
The 1997-2000 Honda Civic Type-R was not approved for the Show or Display exemption. To meet the requirements of the exemption, there should be less than 500 cars sold, and the car should be historically or technologically significant.  A high output engine, and weight reduction measures alone are not enough to qualify this Honda Civic as meeting those requirements.

The first Civic to receive the Type R badge was introduced in August 1997, as the EK9. The EK9 shared many characteristics with the Integra Type R DC2/ JDM DB8 such as omission of sound deadening and other weight-reduction measures, a hand-ported B16B engine, front helical limited-slip differential and close ratio gearbox etc.. The B16B engine boasted one of the highest power output per litre of all time for a naturally-aspirated engine with 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) from 1.6L of engine displacement. For the first time, a strategically seam welded monocoque chassis was used to improve chassis rigidity. The interior featured red Recaro seats, Red door cards and red Type R floor mats, a titanium shift knob and a Momo leather-wrapped steering wheel.

1997-2000 Honda Civic Type-R


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