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Sunday, October 28, 2012

1987 Toyota Carina - Not Approved

1987 Toyota Carina
This is another car, now over 21 years old, so EPA exempt in original configuration  and over 25 years old, so NHTSA/DOT exempt.  However originally it was not approved.  Not a lot of specifics in what this car actually was, but probably this car.

"The Toyota Carina ED was a Japanese compact car created in 1985 as a companion to the 1984 Carina sedan. It was positioned as the 4-door Celica coupe, ushering in a new styling and appearance direction for Toyota products. It gave Toyota Store dealerships an alternative to buyers who desired the luxury of the larger Toyota Crown hardtop, without the tax obligations of a car that exceeded Japanese Government regulations for vehicles larger than the "compact" class. Its design sought to emulate the hardtop styling of large American and European sedans, resulting in a small, low cabin with longer front and rear ends. The ED's B-pillar stood up in the middle with no purpose other than to hinge the rear door on; it was not attached to the roof side of the cabin. "ED" is the initials of "Exciting" and "Dressy"."

No numbers are listed anywhere, but its a normal production car, a lot more than 500 cars produced. Nothing special, nothing technologically significant. Does not meet "Show or Display" requirements. However, now over 25 years old, so import to your hearts content.

Source: Wikipedia