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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1991 Pegaso Z-103 - Not Approved

1991 Pegaso Z-103

The 1991 Pegaso Z-103 is another example of a kit or replica car that was not approved for Show or Display.  There were only 11 made, but being a  replica of an earlier car does not make it historically or technologically significant.  In a couple of years, it will be over 25 years old and exempt from NHTSA/DOT standards.

"In 1991 a financial group in the country, in collaboration with a British company (the design firm IAD), presented in the reissue market Pegaso Z-103 SS1 to be produced in limited series. Only 11 were manufactured cars. The Z-103 Replica takes a Rover V8 engine of 3.9 liter aluminum interior very similar to the original model with leather trim made by Artespaña.

As for the exterior, the design of this two-seater roadster is true to an embodiment of Catalan Serra bodybuilder 1955, although windshield has greater angle of curvature on the sides. Also incorporated frameless windows in the doors, as in the original version had "windows" clear plastic emergency. On the back it incorporates three lights on each side, as the original model did not comply with current legislation.

Also, the fabric roof is more broad and straight, providing more space for the occupants, and bumpers are available at both ends of the body and outside rearview mirror.

Other changes which affect the operation of the car consist of disc brakes (instead of the drum), the gearbox five speed synchronized steering rack and tank situated above the rear axle, which in the most protected original.

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