Friday, October 12, 2012

1990 – 1991 Nissan Figaro - Not Approved

The 1990-1991 Nissan Figaro is on the list of vehicles that are not eligible under the Show or Display exemption.  


More than 500 of them made, and it is not of any historical or technological significance. It may have retro styling, but styling alone isn't enough to qualify for Show or Display. However, this car is nearly 25 years old, and will be eligible for importation in 2015-2016. 

"The Nissan Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan. It was based on the K10 Nissan Micra aka March. Only four colors were available: Topaz Mist, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua and Lapis Grey. Each color symbolized a season of the year. Only 8,000 were originally available with an additional 12,000 added to production numbers to meet demand. "

Bore and Stroke: 68.0 mm × 68.0 mm (2.68 in × 2.68 in)
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Max Power: 76 PS (56 kW; 75 hp) at 6000 rpm
Max Torque: 10.8 kg·m (106 N·m; 78 lb·ft) at 4400 rpm
Fuel Delivery: ECCS
Fuel Type/Capacity: Regular Unleaded/40L (8.8 imp gal or 10.6 US gal)

Wikipedia - Nissan Figaro


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